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I want to start exhaust modification on my ’06 S2R1000. Due to budget I want to do this in stages starting with mid-pipe replacement. After doing some due diligence I down select to two options.

1) Ducati High-efficiency steel collector box (979A00107) - $570
2) Marving Cat Eliminator Mid-pipe - $370 (www.monsterparts.com)

The questions I have are:

1) What is a difference between those pipes? Is there a justification for a price difference?
2) If I install either pipe will I have to get stock ECU remapped? (with stock cans)
3) Does one pipe or the other offer better flow characteristics?
4) Does both pipes offer easy access to oil filter/drain plug (I guess the answer is yes, just want to double check)
5) Will the Marving pipe work well if I later decide to go with Termi kit (96448206B -Cans, Air Filter, ECU)?

Thanks in advance!
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