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The wife is an avid rider, she just got a hand-me-down deal from her boss on a 92 900SS in great shape, and I have always wanted to get back into riding so when a local shop was having a sale on 2010 696s my ears perked up.

The owner (not to be named) has a bad rep with friends and I don't trust a word he says/opinion on the bike.

I'm hoping to get the low down on the 2010's from this site but rather than just mooch some info and run I figured I'd sign up, say hi, thanks, and try to post something less than lame where I can. ;)


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why would you buy a bike from a dealer with a bad rep that you dont trust??

is there another one you could travel to?
(we drove 6 hours to pick up our last bike....worth every minute)

just saw your location....drive to ducati seattle.
best vehicle buying experience i have ever had.
tell dave jeff h sent you and ask for a fat discount ;)

jeff h
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