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Thought I'd post a summary for anyone who doesn't get the magazine. They created a functional score (performance without regard to cost) and a total score (value factored in). They also rated individual features, but there isn't enough room to post those.

Fieldsheer Highland 2 (Best Buy)
Functional Score: 41.0
Total Score: 46.0

IXS Apollo (Recommended)
Functional Score: 43.0
Total Score: 45.0

Zero-60 Ambush (Recommended)
Functional Score: 39.5
Total Score: 44.5

Firstgear Kilamanjaro II (Recommended)
Functional Score: 41.5
Total Score: 44.5

Rukka A-Tech (Recommended)
Functional Score: 42.5
Total Score: 43.5

Aerostitch Darien (Recommended)
Functional Score: 40.5
Total Score: 42.0

Olympia Sentry (Recommended)
Functional Score: 38.5
Total Score: 41.5

Joe Rocket Ballistic 4.0
Functional Score: 34.0
Total Score: 38.0

Gericke Eco-Gore-Tex
Functional Score: 35.5
Total Score: 37.5

Hansa Atlanta
Functional Score: 24.0
Total Score: 29.0

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Michael, what mag was that in ?

If you ride a motorcycle and you don't read MCN, you are at risk of being a squid.


Just kidding, but what Michael said is quite true. MCN is the best motorcycle periodical out there. While the letters to the editor section can sometimes read like the complaint section from the Boca Bonita Retirement Home, the articles and editorials are all well written and informative... more than I can say for the swill in the squid mags.

There's actually a great series in progress on DIY wrenching written by a guy who got into it by learning to do his own desmo valve job.

The subscription price is fairly high, but it's a price I'm willing to pay for high-quality journalism and no advertisments even though I don't wear an Aerostitch and ride a BMW.

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The guy writing those maintenance articles, LT Snyder, has a new self published book out on 2V maintenance. I picked it up at BCM for $25. Looks like a good reference. Excellent photos of valve adjustment procedure.
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