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MATRIS Steering Damper

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Has anyone tried this yet? Far more affordable than Ohlins plus mount. MATRIS KIT

After a year on bike I don't think the damper is a necessity but if it improves front end over 100mph I am game at this price.
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andreani makes a cartridge for your bike
if you need a steering damper, the you really want this upgrade
if the rear does not feel planted, then you should be doing the back too
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I put the Matris damper on my S4RS Tricolore and it works well. Probably don't need it with the Ohlins suspension but I figured it can't hurt.
For me the bike didn’t need the steering damper stock. After swapping the shock and getting springs more suited to my weight, the handling is quicker and the bike is more likely to lighten the front end vs. squatting off a corner.
I've used this damper on two of my race bike with really good results! I especially like the demand damping circuit. It is lower drag on the damper when slow (left to right on the steering head) motion and stiffens up when needed to counter head shake. It uses a shuttle valve to accomplish this and it works well. Definitely recommend this IF your getting the original manufacturer and not a China clone! My OEM cost about $200 US several years ago for my RC51.
35eur.. aliexpress.. thats a chineese clone/fake
Hey you're right. It is a fake. Logo's are different.
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