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I recently returned from Iraq to find that my brother-in-law had destroyed my 2001 Ducati Monster 900; after two months of rebuilding it from the ground up I'm only short on two things.

The Power Commander III USB that I purchased doesn't have a map for the bike that compensates for the mods that I have, most importantly: twin Viper 20cm exhaust cans, and I 86'd the airbox and now it breathes through two K&N cone filters.

I've done many exterior mods, changed the oil, replaced gears, sprockets (returned to stock sizes), forks, etc... but the mapping for a Power Commander is WAAAY over my head.

If you have a similar map that works for GP size pipes and K&N filters please HOOK IT UP! -or- if you know how to tune a PCIII and can walk me through it better than their !$%*@$%&)^% website, I'd be eternally grateful.

-SGT Z aka Thresher38

<quick shout out to Chris, I use CA-Cycle all the time>

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