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Maneuvering a Monster vs. 748/916/996/998

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Hey all -
While I have never ridden a Ducati, I've heard "stories" that the 748/916/996/998 Ducs have a characteristic of not having the best turning radius' when maneuvering tight corners at parking lot or U-turn speeds.

Just wondering if the Monster has this same characteristic?

Thanks for all your input!

Wes <-- Hopefully a soon to be Monster owner
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;DRe: Maneuvering a Monster vs. 748/916/996/998

Nobody here has mentioned the lock-stop bolts either side of the forks....... I adjusted mine the day I got it, as standard turning circle was CRAP. Only backed em out a turn or so either side, but in London traffic, it made so much difference.

;D ;D ;D ;D ;D
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