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Warning to barbarians
on wheels

I AM a relative of one of the employees who works in a seaside resort in Daet.

My relative called my attention regarding the MadDog Motorcycle Club's barbaric and objectionable activities during the group's stay at the resort last Dec. 6, 2002.

On that day, the MadDog Motorcycle Club, composed mostly of foreigners and some Filipinos, went to the resort as part of their annual ride. After dinner, the officers paraded four young girls and started to bid girls out to the members who could bid the highest. The auction or bidding was met with howling, whistles, shouting and laughter, considering that most of them were already drunk. After bidding, the members who gave the highest bid brought the girls to their respective rooms for the night. It was painful for my cousin to see how these young girls of Daet were being humiliated and auctioned off like simple products or slaves.

I was able to contact two of the girls a few days later and they said they were not treated well by the foreigners who won them because they could not perform the acts requested by the foreigners. These girls have reported this to the NPA and have reached Ka Roger who has promised to retaliate against the MadDog Motorcycle Club members.

I am writing this to warn the members of the MadDog Motorcycle Club not to drive in the Southern Tagalog area to avoid any untoward incident between them and the NPA.

I believe the officers of the MadDog Motorcycle Club owe the women, the people of Daet and even their own wives an apology for their inhuman acts.
---EVELYN BONDOC, Talisay, Daet, Camarines Norte

you know the only thing we are raffling is cookies that fight tartar.
I thought we could use some of that money to get everyone cool iridium visors.

on the otherhand the post is kinda sad.......but
our maddog is not the same at all.
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