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Hi . I have finally started working on my front swap project for my old 94 M900 ,and earlier this week i installed a complete front with forks,wheel and brakes from a 748R donor bike that i bought a few years ago. The original top triple clamp is replaced with a new 53mm Cyclecat triple purchased from a US forum member ,shims installed on the lower. I also found a set of good as new 53mm Gilles Variobar clipons for a very nice price here in Norway . The clipons came without rise and if i install them under the CC triple my first impression is that i will need the bars in a higher position . The options available for the variobars riserkit length is 60,70,80 and 100 mm . If anyone here have experience with the variobars and fitment issues they like to share , i could need some advice for the riser length i should go for and issues i can run into during the installation process .Pics would be very helpfull !
Knut, Norway
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