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Just came back from a shop where I almost bought a used 03 M800. Was told by the dealer that the 04s do not come with fairing and have steel swingarms instead of aluminum ones on the 03. Seems to me that could be a (cost cutting) consequence of the pounding the $ is getting against the euro. It might be that machine-wise, the 03 might be somewhat better. Anybody knows more of the differences between the M800 03s and the 04s?

I don't think there are huge differences between the 03 and 04 models.
I checked the ducati website and all I could come up with are upgraded mirrors on the 04 - not a big factor in my opinion, since you will probably end up ditching the factory mirrors anyway.
I have an 03 800 and couldn't be happier. If you can get a significantly better deal on the 03, I would say go for it.
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