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I was looking to lower my Monster 620 just a little bit to help me when parking and such. I am 5'4" with about a 29" inseam. I have no issue at stoplights but parking proves to be a little challenging, especially on any kind of incline or uneven surface.
I did a little research that indicated a Corbin aftermarket seat might help take out a little height. So I choked up the $400 and ordered it. It came must faster than I expected. They didn't have it in stock but I had it in about 2 weeks.
I installed it on the bike and it was a little tight to get it snug on the tank but a little muscle and it finally clicked in. I was disappointed to see there is no under tank storage like on my OEM seat.
The seat is nice. Seems to have a nice shape to hold your bottom. I haven't gone on any long rides yet so we'll see how that goes. They say it takes ~2,000 miles to break in the new seat. Ouch.
As you can see in the pics, I am not sure this seat has really gained me much for getting more foot on the ground. I didn't really have any complaints about the comfort level of my OEM seat so if this one is not at least a little more comfortable, I think I will be quite upset about the $400 it cost! We'll see!! I may be shaving it or installing a lowering link after all!

Sitting on OEM Seat

OEM Seat to Corbin (Corbin in front)

Sitting on Corbin Seat
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