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M600 Tail Chop - Advice much needed!

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Hello All,

This is my first post on the message boards, I have been reading the site for a while and have already learnt a lot!

I am the proud owner of a Yellow 1994 M600 which is going to be my winter project. I am lucky enough to be in the trade so I intend to make it a special bike even though my mechanical knowledge is limited.

My first mod will be the tail chop. However on taking the back end apart I am confused as to how much I can cut off. The seat lock sits quite far back and I'm not sure if I can cut through the mounting. I have been following Scott's walk through so far but I would really appreciate some advice from someone who has done a tail chop on a m600.

Is there a kit I can buy for the m600?

I have attached pictures to show my confusion! ???

Many thanks,



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I cut mine one inch from the grab handle but my lock mounting plate is smaller than yours 2001 600.

You do not need a kit lowes and 5.00 will give you every thing you need.

You need L brackets to hold the taillight on and another set of L brackets to hold your turn signals if you want it to look pretty you need to shorten the wiring harness.

I will try to get you pictures
My vote is to cut at the back of the lock mount plate, then go back and cut out the forward part of the beertray support parallel to the frame tubes. The downside is that this will create a number of cut metal edges that need tending.

In other words... let us know what you decide and post pics. I'm sure you're not the only one that has run into this.
I dont see why you would need brackets to hold the brake light. The brake light bracket stays after the frame is cut. All thats needed is a plate bracket and signal brackets if running them. Unless Iam missing something.
The new monsters need a bracket for everything because its all mounted off the plastic fender/beer tray.
I would cut the frame flush with the back of the brake light amd/or try and make the seat lock bracket look the same on the left as it does to the right of the lock cylinder. should be to hard.
cut as close to grab handles as possible then make it work
then tuck your turn signals right behind your tailight
I did a tail chop on my 03 (yellow) 800Sie, and I'm very happy with it; however, you frame is different than mine. If you're going to do this you should fully commit and take the time to take it to bare frame and cut off the seat lock and file and sand the rough edges flush with the frame and paint it (there are also various other tabs and whatnot that you may be able to pull/cut off and give your scooter a real custom smooth look. If you have the time it won't be that hard (maybe a little, but not much) otherwise it'll look Mickey Mouse.
I cut mine right at the edge od the lock gaurd as you have shown in your pic.
1. Monster
2. Hacksaw
3. ½” masking tape
4. Flat file
5. Dremmel tool
6. Touch-up paint (color or clear)
7. Patience & Guts

Throw everything in a blender/garage. Take all the time you need to complete the job. Crack open a cold beer and enjoy the finished product…

Don’t forget to post pics. ;D
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Go for it. Just reason things out and you'll get through it. It's not hard at all. Good luck! [thumbsup]
Thanks for all the advice and words of encouragement, I can't wait to get chopping! ;D I'm going to do it over Xmas. The bike has been in the workshop getting a new fork seal, brake pads and a full service.

I have got the integrated brake light/indicator led and clear lens from Spareshack over here in the UK. I will fit that as soon as the tail chop is done. I will take pics to show how I manage it for sure.

I have a couple of other questions:

1) Twin headlight conversion - Looks great, but maybe loses a bit of the monster 'soul'. Undecided, but if I do it, it will be the matt black casing. Is it true that that only one light functions as the main beam?

2) Exhausts. I love high-level cans. Sil seem to do some good slip-ons. Brushed aluminium for me. Anyone got them on their bike?

3) Clip-ons. Look fantastic, any feedback on their practicality?

4) Instruments/Dials - I'm not keen on the original monster layout. Where can I find other options? I'd love a centrally aligned speedo

5) Headlight fairing. All the monster ones I have seen are a bit uninspiring. What have you guys got?

Once again thanks for the help so far. Here is a pic of the bike before it went into service (minus Mickey Mouse mirrors [laugh])



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