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G'Day Ducatters:cool:

Now that I'm free of the M1100 exhaust servo >> http://www.motocreations.com/electrical.asp << I'm tossing some alternative exhaust options around...... one of which is to simply replace the existing ugly-series-of-welds-of-a-midpipe with a replacement item of more grace and sans the redundant flapper valve..... Anybody know if there's anything available out there, such as this midpipe option for M696 by Spark? (not that I can find any other info on it...) >>

I'm aware of the offering by HPE, but its not much (if any) of an aesthetic improvement on the stock item and so too much to pay IMO just to lose the flapper >>

ryanracer has offered to consider producing such an item, but he'd need an AZ resident to pay him a visit with their...um... donor M1100. Volunteers?

Ofcourse, I could have the stock item cut-n-shut in order to ditch the flapper.... but I'd prefer to keep the stock part intact coz I like collecting crap that I'll never again use 8).

Any of you Termi Full system guys like to sell me your stock midpipe so I can torch it? ;D
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