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Hey Everyone,
A few friends and I are heading to VIR to ride (and shoot for me) the Team Pro-Motion tracks days at VIR this Sunday and Monday. We decided it would be nice to go down a day early to ride the Blue Ridge Mountains on Saturday. I want to complete my 600 miles before getting on the track Sunday.
We are not planning to ride like idiots. This will be a nice cruise with a bit of picture taking. Since I think we will still have a bit of fall foliage to see that far south. And my race work is not going to make the Calendar. I figure this would also be a nice chance to get some nice shots on the over looks off the parkway.
Anyone who wants to come, please email me. I always want the chance to meet other members. If your reading this Friday, give us a call cell 570 574-0434. It should be a nice ride to finish the weekend. I CAN'T WAIT!!!!
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