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Lowering Of 06 620 and a couple of mods to do

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Hi Guys

I am from Perth and was wondering if anyone can recommend a local person to so some artwork on my Duc?

Also does the fact my bike has been lowered to 655 affect the cornering?

Not sure why but when I go into corners a tad too hot it doesnt feel right, cant put my finger on it as yet. I was told it was because I was used to riding the RF600 and need to get used to the different riding positionn of the Duc?

Other than thats its like sex on wheels!

Wendy (AKA Zippie)
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How are your tyre pressures Zippie? It is the quickest and easiest thing to check.

Totally agree about the sex on wheels [thumbsup]
Hi Zippie, there are a few people from Perth here who should be able to help you out.

GeoffB? Pepsduc? Monsta? et al....
you fellas know of anyone??

maybe if you describe about what is not right (if you can, that is!)
qldazza could be right about the tyre pressure thing..... but also:

- did they lower the front and back? by how much at each end?
- are you comparing it pre and post lowering? or have you only ridden it lowered?
- have you ridden another 620 @ stock height to compare?

it could be any and all of these (and more), as well as the fact that you are not used to the riding position...

anyway, no real answers, but maybe some more ideas to get you thinking...
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You may have done this already, but check out www.perthstreetbikes.com/forum and ask on there. I seem to remember seeing someone on there doing art.
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