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I have just purchased a 620S for my vertically challenged girlfriend and am in the process of figuring out how to get the seat lower to the ground. The first option of getting foam removed from the seat is underway but I don't think it is going to be enough. So...

As I understand it the 620S has the alloy siwngarm and adjustable ride height with a seat height of 13.3 inches (795mm) whereas the 620ie has a steel swingarm, no adjustability and a seat height of 30.3 inches (770mm).

Having a look at the 620ie today it seems that the rear linkages are the same except for adjustable vs non adjustable. This makes me believe that the non-adjustable link is slightly shorter therfor lowering the seat height.

Can anybody confirm/refute the length difference in the ride height rod?


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That is correct. I was looking into raising the tail on my 620ie dark. My dealer suggested that I replace my non-adjustable dogbone with the adj. tie rod from the s model since the only difference in that part of the suspension is the basic length. Of course, you should be able to adjust hers down enough to drop it that last inch. You may have to move the forks up in the clamps as well to keep the handling as sharp, but that's probably a game time call..

BTW, if you want to change out out the tie rod, I'd be happy swap you for my non-adj. one... :)


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I'm a vertically challenged :D rider as well (5' even). I currently ride an 800Sie. The bike (tie rod) was lowered all the way, the forks were raised about a centimeter in the triple clamps and the preload was set really low.

With all this I still only get one foot/toe down at a time as the Monster is wider than most other bikes I've ridden. I found a guy who does auto upholstery and works on motorcycle seats as well.

He scooped out about three to three and a half inches of foam off and recovered the seat (with the original seat cover) for $100.00 and it is VERY comfortable.

I dropped the seat off in the morning and it was ready the next day!!! :eek:. The work was excellent!! He and his father do work for a bunch of dealerships in Santa Clara County and maybe other areas as well.

Don't know where you hail from but, here is his name and contact info (from his business card):

Josh Maston
JM Interior Repair
Auto Upholstery, Burns, Leather, Headliners & Convertible Tops
Cell: 408-605-2389
Shop: 408-736-6379

If needed I'm sure he would be happy to have the seat shipped to him.

An alternative, if you got the bucks, is Aftershocks in Mountain View,Ca. They will lower the bike by as much as 1.5 inches (depending on weight of rider and riding style) for about $450. Lindemann's in SF charges almost $900!!

Hope this helps,


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Thanks for the info and swap offer but coming from Melbourne, Australia it is a little difficult to partake of them.

Very happy to hear about the value in seat foam reduction as I only need 45mm (2 inches) before the girl is flat footed.

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