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Looking to purchase a set of Mikuni BDST 38mm Carbs for my 99 Monster 750

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If anyone has a full set of carbs for my 99 monster 750 please let me know. I'm desperately in the need to find a decent set of carbs. Brought my bike to Ducati and they pulled my carbs apart and said it was a complete mess in there and that my float bowl drain threading was trash cause someone forced different screws in there and cracked the bowls. So again if anyone has a set of Mikuni BDST 38mm carbs for my 99 M750 please get back to me ASAP willing to pick up if your semi local to Louisville KY or pay for shipping ..... Thanks all!!!!
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The whole reason why I needed new carbs was because 1) someone tried to drill out one of the jets and destroyed the threads for what I believe would be the air jet... anyways there is that and also the float bowl drain screws were missing on my carbs and someone had the genius idea to just stick any screw in there and destroyed those threads so my carbs leak fuel....

So I found a set of carbs on eBay purchased them, received them and they were dirty as to be expected and I rushed them right down to my local Ducati Dealership because that is who is working on my bike. So roughly 2 days go by and I get an email from the service Advisor telling me this:

Matt (Ducati Tech) has had a chance to clean up and disassemble the salvage carbs. They are “all there” but there are a couple issues. Here’s where we are at:

-Diaphrams are torn. We can use the originals.

-Various other o-rings are dry rotted. We can try to use the originals.

-There has been a jet kit of unknown origin installed. We’ll have to see how it runs with this.

-The bad part, one of the float bowls is cracked and leaking. We tried to clean up the threads in the originals but they are too far gone for repair. The bowls were the main reason for replacement so we have no other options than look for another.

If anyone at this point had float bowls they are willing to sell or at the very least know of any aftermarket float bowls that will fit these mikuni BDST 38mm carbs I will be forever grateful. As always everyone thanks for the help!!!
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I'd think you'd be able to Heli-coil or key lock one of the bowls you have, key lock is superior. I've used both in way more important applications.

Can probably source o-rings there as well, you want Viton.
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