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Looking for mirrors

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I need some new mirrors for my s2r. not really into barends, and i want ones that look cool, but lso have good visability. I have heard that rizoma's are not great for visability. Any thoughts? pix or links would be greatly appreciated
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I have Circut 851's my thoughts are, do you need to see the make/model or do you just need to see that there's a vehicle there? If it's the latter, they work just fine. To see detail, make a fist between the grip/mirror it's clear as day.
I have a set of new napolean bar ends i never ended up using. Let me know if you want pics.

I have not used anything but stock, but like the rizomas look alot. The mirror looks big enough to provide good visibility, and I have not really heard anything bad about them. Check out Pjsparts.com as they are one of the only places I have seen that carry them in the US. Reasonable too.
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