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i think tire pressure is a personal item depending on feel. i have run 32 front and 34 rear in the summer with bags or passenger on. i have run 28 front and 30 rear in winter and no additional load.

see what feels best to you, what are to trying to achieve? long wear or maximum grip?

the lower the pressure that doesnt deform the tire when loaded will give maximum grip and shortest life.

your weight also will change the equation, i weigh 170 lbs, so you may have to adjust accordingly.

i have gotten up to 14k miles out of a set and as little as 6k, depends on what you want them to do. overall one of the best all around tires on the market, imo.

i am currently using dunlop d220, when cold <40f i have used 27 ft and rear, and they seem to get warm when riding to work, but really dont get up to temp. will be putting pilot roads back on when these wear out, probably spring time.
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