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Looking for Leo Vinci distributors....

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Gots to get me a set of those high pipes.... can't find anyplace that sells them, though.

Found a link to www.leovinci-america.com, which is, of course, dead.
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Thanks. That link (leovince-america.com) goes to indigo sports... not sure if the correct spelling is with an "i"or an "e". The exhausts are stamped Indigo, not Leo Vinci... what's up with that?

Parts 411 looks like the real deal, though.
Aren't they? I wonder if they'll work with the stock swingarm and rearsets?
The Indigo shotgun style hi-mounts will fit a stock bike... now, if only they weren't $1,200....

By the way, Indigo has nothing to do with Leo Vince, which is strange since http://www.leovince-america.com/ links to their site.
Hey Rob... way to pull the trigger on those shotgun pipes! I'm debating it... they look really nice, just worried about the length of the cans with my chopped tail. What's the tail situation on your 900?
Yeah... $1300 isn't anything to sneeze at. But you're getting a full system, not slip-ons, so i suppose it's justified.
1 - 7 of 15 Posts
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