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Hello all:

Is there anyone on this forum that lives in Brooklyn, NY or thereabouts who would have a garage or would be willing to share / rent a garage?

After 2.5 years being away from NYC, it is about 99% that moving back home to Brooklyn in about two months. My bike (PS1000LE) will be safe here in MD at friends garage for a few months, till April or so. I refuse to sell or get rid of my bike, and even willing to pay NYC insurance premiums...

So, back to my question... I am actually looking for someone to share /rent a garage with. I knew of a few people in B'klyn who would rent a garage on Coney Island avenue (by Prospect park, also there used to be garages by Dunkin' Dog-nuts on CI ave, etc...) and share a garage with 3 or 4 other bikers. Unfortunately, I have all but lost all contact with these guys cuz some of them do not ride anymore ($3000 insurance premiums), some just moved out of NYC, etc... So i am looking for more connections.

Hopefully there are some around this forum.


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