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Dear Santa,

This holiday I would like you to insure World Peace (and if you can, I'd like a set of high-mount carbon Termis, too).

If you could end World Hunger, that would also be great (and maybe throw in a can of high-octane race-gas-- motorcycles need food too).

Global warming is a growing concern, so if you don't mind, could you cut down a bit on the greenhouse gases (and throw in a nice, clean, free-flow K&N filter to rid me of said gases)?

This terrorist thing has us a little upset, so can you just insure that we ALL GET ALONG this year (a little more tolerance and comaraderie from our American-motorcycle-owning-friends would be appreciated). After all, our desmos sound cool too!

Santa, we have lots of friends in the aerospace industry with excess titanium at this special time of year and I can only hope you can be sure it gets put to good use (I don't mean for military hardware either). A full set of titanium fasteners for my Monster and my dirt-bike would be nice. Light and easy for you to carry on the sleigh, too.

Last, but not least, I'd like to request a little environmental sanity. If the Bush administration is going to open up our National Forests to "healthy logging" practices, the least you could do is ask Dianne Feinstein to keep our OHV riding areas intact. After all, nothing says "HOLIDAY CHEER" like the roar of a 96-decibel Thumper going over the river and through the woods.

You know, I almost forgot-- that new paint scheme on the S4R (blue with white racing stripes a-la-vintage-Cobra) is also kinda' sweet. I love my DARK, but there is still a tiny bit of room under my tree and I've been awfully good this year. Just ask the CHP-- not a single ticket all year.

Happy Kringle to all my past and future friends that lurk here. Long live the DML. May the sounds of prosperity, peace, family laughter and desmodromic valves resound throughout the New Year for you and yours!
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