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ok....this is what i came up with in a short amt of time (ok fine, i'm reusing some other idea...bite me) I was going to do it on a points basis, but i decided that is too much work and i would have to come up with a prize. i don't know how i would get that to you people anyways so i said screw it, it'll just be friendly competition and see what we come up with.

**edit - I came up with some more

best view

best road shot

crappiest road pic

overall prettiest shot

stangest person/outfit

funniest road sign (wording, pictures)

best cleavage [thumbsup] (remember, if they are covered then it's ok, just get the cleave)

best pose with inanimate object

Hoss with a 16 yr old

best shot of the road
  • bonus points will be given if the shot is taken in motion
  • extra points will be taken off if you crash while attempting this

best "stalking pic" some distance and they don't know you are there. usually from some form of hiding place

  • bonus points will be given if you get the trifecta - MexiMullet, FemMullet, KidMullet
  • more points if you get them all in the same shot
  • even better if you get in the pic with them

scariest human

biggest human

someone in a mesh tanktop

somebody riding shirtless in a convertible

muddiest vehicle (pound for pound)

car with a CD hanging from the rear-view mirror

best dead animal on the side of the highway

someone with green hair

someone with one eye

something purple (the bigger the better)

a funeral procession

fire truck putting out a fire

someone with a skullet

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who has toasty for the wknd?

oh yeah and I have the 16yr old, and skullet.... in the same pic ;)
21 - 27 of 27 Posts
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