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I am interested to know if the following are legal on streets and if anyone has got a ticket for it.

1. Ultra white headlight lamps.

2. Riding in a carpool lane, although it does not explicitly say "MOTORCYCLES OK"

3. I am going to do a whole lotta riding in the night for a couple of weeks. I wanted to design a small (while LED) flasher that can be put around the rear wheel hugger. so that Cages can see me in the night .. nothing blindingly flashy.
is this illegal or, can i easily get ticketd for it?


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I think that HID headlights are legal - It wouldn't be fair if only cagers could have them...

Carpool = always OK

As far as the rear LED... you might want to get a "blinking" brake light (like it blinks when you brake)... or you might be even be able to get away with a blinking red light that is always on... I think the CVC is only concerned about projecting a white light (like a "I'm-backing-up-light")... they also see these blinking LEDs that you can place on your frame that replace frame bolts - I remember seeing these in someone's post.

[sorry for my meandering message... just got to work... Monday morning]
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