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Surprisingly, I've had plenty of HD folks compliment my Rossi (sun/moon) replica helmet when it was sitting on my Harley ;D - I'm not the only one I've ever seen wearing a ff on a Harley either although the majority don't.

The helmet law went in effect in California in 1991. I had to talk my way out of a ticket once then, had just taken my bike off the battery charger and rode it around the block when a cop happened to come by :p...

I'm almost ready to give in to an Aerostich for commuting just so I won't have to pay attention to the weight of my jeans - so many women's jeans are part spandex and lightweight anymore. If I'm going to ride a lot I'll wear full leather - otherwise just jeans and whatever jacket I feel like, over the years I've gotten a few. I do like wearing good boots though. Most of the time, held gloves but I have some others if the weather changes or the helds need to dry
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