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Last paint job.. i swear

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After 4.5 paint jobs, I think i have found a color I like. This is the first paint job I had done by someone and I really like it. Still waiting on the front fender, but you get the idea

Monster and my "mid life crises"
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i like the wheel/tank color combo...looks great! [thumbsup]
Whats the big black ring around the fuel cap ? Its fugly

Dude..you might want to repaint it and make the DUCATI a little


I don't think anyone will know it's a Ducati?!

Holy sh*t!!
Looks good. I sometimes think about painting mine, I just don't know if I'd like it any better than what it is now.
The black ring is a tank bag/camera mount from luggage locker. Works pretty well and keeps the bag off the paint.
IZ said:
I don't think anyone will know it's a Ducati?!
Love that copper colour. THere is one here in Melbouren for sale which is almost the same. A little lighter and the logo is not black.

Well done [thumbsup]
I really dig the new scheme [thumbsup]

The rims/clutch, frame and body work really have a strong contrast to each other but aren't really strong (bright) colors on their own. The darker colors really make that tail section really look good.

What is that tail section BTW?
LOVE that color!!!!!! [thumbsup]
zore said:
Still waiting on the front fender, but you get the idea
You don't need no stinkin fender!
NAKID said:
You don't need no stinkin fender!
that's what one of my old racing buddies said.... until his front brakeline somehow found it's way to meeting the front tire causing him to go into turn one at texas world speedway (think daytona) with no brakes!
I love it, it looks great. Is that tail one of Stuart's creations?

The tail is a ducati Performance piece that used to be available "back in the day".
That's a great colour and I really like that script for the ducati logo
like the color a lot, but I think you went too far with the size of duc (logo) font
nevertheless i like the paint job
When i ordered them I originally asked for 12" wide, then last minute changed my mind and said 14". I personally like them, but if I do get sick if them, I can always yank it off. [clap]
1 - 18 of 18 Posts
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