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Lake Superior Tour

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Well - in a couple short weeks I'm going around Lk Superior. I'm going with my inlaws, the wifes uncle, cousins (2) - they're all riding HD's and one buell. My wife & kid will be coming with in a truck with camping supplies, tools, gas, etc. We're going for a week & doing between 180 & 260 mi per day (flexible). We should be hitting most parts just as the leaves are changing. I cant wait!

Have any of you done this ride? Or are you familiar with this part of Canada, WI, MI? If so, is there any "dont miss" stops along the way? Are there any (close) detours so I can hit some twisties & test my tires? Good resturants?

Any info would be great!
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1 - 2 of 15 Posts
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