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What are you doing Labor day weekend??? How about a sweet trip to Willow Springs????

TrackXperience is going to be at Willow Springs BiG Track

3 groups, $150 for one day or $280 for both days!

The New Rider School is always free

But don't forget about the ARC (Advance Riders Clinic) only $100 to learn from one of the best racers at WSMC Ryan Gagliano! A very in depth classroom study, lot of track time, including YOUR on track video footage and discussion! limit to faster level 2 & level 3 riders! sign up ASAP before this very successful clinic sells out! for more info check out Ryans website Sportbike Coaching

Sign up for the event, new rider school or the ARC at: TrackXperience

Sign up before August 31st...

and you will be entered into a drawing to win a free track day for a future event in 2009 or 2010.

2 people will be choosen for the free track day!

"Introduce a friend" If you bring a rider that has not ridden with us this year, TrackXperience will give a 50% discount to the person that introduces the friend, for their next event with us, All they need to do is sign up and write the new customers name in the notes section.

I'm not sure if the 50% discount is clear enough for you... so let me explain more, say you introduce a friend and the both of you sign up for labor day weekend, the person that introduced the friend will get 50% off their next event they sign up for after the labor day weekend.
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