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I have the 25 and the 35 Kriega'a as well as the waterproof pouch (10L) that can be attached to both.
Thet are rugged, the fitting\buckle thingy is excellent, stable, quick release and very comfortable, easy to
get on and off over your leathers. You also get a lot of comments about parachute jumping [laugh]

The 25L bag I use for local and work travel, I carry my documents, raingear and a laptop in it.
The 35L I use for longer trips in combination with a Famsa tail packand Givi Monster tank bag.
I stuff it with light clothes, jeans and other stuff in the tail roll and hard stuff (camera, pnd, lock etc) in the tank bag.
Works well for me, am always surprised at how much stuff you can prop in the 35 L Kriega.
With these 3 bags I can carry enough stuff for 3-4 week, but I don't carry a tent or cooking gear.

The Kriegas' are showerproof for a short time, but certainly not rainproof. Pack your gear in plastic bags or buy the special waterproof
liner they sell.
IMO, these backpacks are not cheap, but they are worth every penny.

Stu in Amsterdam
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