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Looking for options to replace my clutch:

Do these require a different basket?


Both motowheels and barnett's website say something specifically about using a steel or aluminum basket with the steel drive plate, aluminum friction combo clutch.

Does the kevlar clutch last longer? Is the engagement different?


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Kingkabong: There are guys on this Board that know a lot more than I do about clutches, and hopefully they will respond, but my understanding is as follows:

- The Barnett clutch pack (Kevlar and aluminium plates) is a strasight substitution for the stock clutch pack, using the same basket, springs, pressure plate, etc

- The clutch performance is superior to stock

- There is a pretty significant weight saving (over a pound I believe), and since it is also ROTATING weight, it also reduces momment of inertia, which in simple language means the engine will spin up a tiny bit faster when revved and there is a theoretical reduction in force required to lean the bike side to side in cornering

Note that installation is NOT dead simple. If you check the instllation instructions, and also other websites (like the Nichols website), you will see that clutch pack total height must sometimes be tuned.

Hopefully, more technical guys can provide better and more detail.

Jim G
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