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Hi guys.

After drooling over Ninja's my entire life, riding and ultimately owning one, I've come full circle and bought myself a Monster 821 Stealth.
I landed a beautiful 2020 model with barely 2 000 km on the clock and want to keep this bike for a long time.

I bought frame sliders, bobbins and levers from Evotech and managed to lose the small rubber/plastic actuator for the front brake light switch.
Does anyone have any ideas where I could get a replacement without purchasing the entire set for 25€? Alternatively the measurements so I could 3D print a replacement part?

I have read and heard about the horror stories that occur when people adjust the lever screw incorrectly and took my time with it.
It is now adjusted identically to the original one, then turned a slight bit back.
To ensure the that the path for fluid to flow back remains open, I levelled the bike, opened the reservoir and moved the lever.
The slightest movement to it, long before the brakes engage, makes a small air bubble flow up (or so it looks).
Does this seem like the correct way to ensure proper functionality?

If you have any other advice to share, or recommendations, please let me know.

Thank you so much in advance!
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