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Just wanted to introduce myself

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Hey y'all, new guy here. I'm not a rider just yet but will be getting either a Ducati 800 or 620 for myself as a graduation/successful diet gift ;D I'll be finishing barber school the first of the year and will be moving to Dallas, having lived tehre before I think it'd be great to have a bike to commute on and I've been in love with the Monster's for years, although i've never owned a bike I have ridden my uncles old Nighthawk a few times and my buddy let me take his HD RoadKing around the block so I at least have a the basic mechanics down, and I'll be taking the MSF when i get a chance. My main question is.....is there a significant power difference between the 620 and the 800....also which would be the more reliable of the two. I am fairly mechanically sound(owned a Dodge truck since 98 so i can definitely turn a wrench, lol), but I don't want to spend anymore time than needed on upkeep...plus i would imagine those italian parts are pricey. Anyway thanks alot.

Oh, also are there any DFW area riders in here?

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First night with it in the Garage is the worst.

It's like having your sisters HOT best friend sleeping in the room next to yours.
Hahahaha! That's so true, I shot coffee through my nose! A little warning next time, please!

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