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Hey y'all, new guy here. I'm not a rider just yet but will be getting either a Ducati 800 or 620 for myself as a graduation/successful diet gift ;D I'll be finishing barber school the first of the year and will be moving to Dallas, having lived tehre before I think it'd be great to have a bike to commute on and I've been in love with the Monster's for years, although i've never owned a bike I have ridden my uncles old Nighthawk a few times and my buddy let me take his HD RoadKing around the block so I at least have a the basic mechanics down, and I'll be taking the MSF when i get a chance. My main question is.....is there a significant power difference between the 620 and the 800....also which would be the more reliable of the two. I am fairly mechanically sound(owned a Dodge truck since 98 so i can definitely turn a wrench, lol), but I don't want to spend anymore time than needed on upkeep...plus i would imagine those italian parts are pricey. Anyway thanks alot.

Oh, also are there any DFW area riders in here?


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Hi Nathan,

Noticed in your post that you are moving to Dallas. You may want to check out this site for info on the DFW Ducati group. They are too far away for me to do many group activities but they are very active and you can hook up with some Ducati riders up there.


Of course you have found the best Monster site out there. You will be hooked if not already. Tons of great information and helpful people here. Good luck on your purchase. I'm still trying to sell another bike and when it sells I will be getting a Monster. Been going through some of the same decisions as you.

Belton, Tx

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Welcome to the MOB!
Darn good to have you!
'Tis a fine and pleasant group of cut throats and hooligans here,never be afraid to ask or join in.

Now...about that choice in Monsters.

After you finish the MSF course and you have a better "Feel" for riding and better info between the ears,you should have no issues with the 800 Monster,or a 900/1000 for that matter.
Controlling the power is a matter of feel and not twisting the wrist at the wrong time.

Despite the reputation and name,Monsters are NOT overbearing in their power delivery.
Quite the opposite actually.
The delivery is linear,predictable,and very controllable.

Handling is likewise forgiving overall.

The whole package is what makes it so dadgum exciting and fun.
When you get the urge to cut loose,the thing is up for it in spades,and stable enough that it inspires confidence to do so at whim.

If you can swing the shekles,get a M1000 or a newer used M900.
You will have more fun and it will work less to get you where you are going.

Just be warned.
You never own a Ducati.
You LOVE a Ducati and it OWNS you.
The sick thing is....you don't mind and rather enjoy the concept.

First night with it in the Garage is the worst.

It's like having your sisters HOT best friend sleeping in the room next to yours.

Later you catch yourself just standing and staring at the thing during odd moments alone with it.
No thought,just staring.

Make sure the girlfriend is up to the new distraction from your attention.

Some have no sense of humor about the matter,and despise the situation.

My Monster "Sophie" can likewise get jealous.....
It's a balancing act.

Wife/GF,Monster,Shrink,wife/GF,Monster,shrink etc...
But it's a happy existence ;D

Keep us updated as to what happens!

All the best!
Remember to clean the bugs off of the headlight before kissing the Monster goodnight.
The taste of June Bug lingers!

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First night with it in the Garage is the worst.

It's like having your sisters HOT best friend sleeping in the room next to yours.
Hahahaha! That's so true, I shot coffee through my nose! A little warning next time, please!


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Hehe, great reply bro, I just need to get to work and start saving money at this point. Once I paid off my truck I swore the only debt I would ever carry again would be apartment rent and the basic monthly bills.....in my profession and with my income potential it shouldn't take long to scrounge away the green though. As far as mods go......I've read up on the various aftermarket pipes and it seems the termi's are the best option.....do i need to go with a full system or will a slip-on fit my needs. Also, would it be sacrilege to change the letters on my tank? I was thinking of replacing the stock Ducati lettering with old english style letters....would I get some sideways loosk from other Duc ownersif I did that?

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First night with it in the Garage is the worst.
I can still remember that. I woke up about 5:00 a.m. with it calling me from the garage "come ride me, come ride me". So I took it out for a ride in the dark (mid-September then). I rode it about 40 miles and only came close to crashing it once, when a deer ran across the road in front of me, followed by a baby deer that I unintentionally punched in the head with my knee. I had visions of crashing my beautiful new bike that I hadn't even owned 24 hours yet, but I made it.

Six years now and it still hasn't been down. I intend to keep it that way. 8)

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Straight Razor,

As for mods.The sky,your personal tastes,and your wallet are the only limitations.

All Monsters look good,and no Mod is unacceptable.

Think "Punk Hairdoo" on 2 wheels.

Cafe'd out,Chromed to the valve stems,Stealthed,Hi-po'ed,
Street fighter extremed,poofed out,artsy fartsied,hell.....
I saw one last year in Milwaukee that looked like Andy Warhol on an acid trip got ahold of it and had help from Degas and the blue man group!

It was fareekin scary but sweet!

As for exhaust,all but the Termi's will need a remap/Flash load to adjust for the flow difference and the demands placed upon the fuel supply.

Termi's are available with a replacement ECU and is one reason they cost more.

They all come a smidge lean,and the greater flow will lean it out a bit more.
Once the pipes are on you will want to cut the air box or go with a lid eliminator for better air flow anyway,so you will need a remap/ECU anyhow or just get a Power commander and download a fuel map to match the components/dyno map the bike.

I weighed the options and costs and ended up with a full Ferracci system and a power commander.
Glad I did!

Sounds great,picked up very noticeable power,and I now have some controll over the injection unit that I was missing previously.Being a Carb tinkerer in this century is not so good on the nerves.

Go ahead.Change the Tank lettering.
If that is what you like,just DO IT!

Though I have 10 bucks that says your first mod will be a fender eliminator!
Nasty looking mud scoops belong on Dump trucks,not Italian beautys.

Get a picture in your minds eye of what you want in the end,and start planning.
It's a side effect of the disease "Mostrosiculitis" and it never ends.

Again,good luck to ya!
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