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Just in time for ChristmasRamadanChaunaka!

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The MOB gets first dibs for a couple of days and then they go up on BARF, too.. All proceeds minus shipping, if needed, (and a 50% profit for me...just kidding) go to Crowbar. I'm not asking any fixed prices here, but

So we've got... <drum roll>

1. $25 gift certificate for Pizza Antica in San Jose... c'mon guys...this is perfect for a co-worker or a hot neighbor... very reasonable. What says "I like you" better than melted cheese on a hot crunchy crust? ;D

2. OK, so the next item is perfect for an s.o. with a bad back: A $100 gift certificate for HELI BARS!! woo hoo! Wouldn't it be nice to take that 800 mile trip up the coast with a nice set of bars? You know it would... :)

3. And finally...a $100 gift certificate towards a purchase at Zooni Leathers! I know all you racer types are looking to upgrade. I think they also do repairs and alterations. And ladies...it's so hard to find stuff that fits us and is attractive. This is the place to have it made. C'mon...it's for a good cause. :angel:

Stuff goes to highest bidder. Auction ends Dec. 22. 8 pm
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He asked me to deal with them... :)
here's my bid...

$5 Pizza Antica in San Jose

if anyone bids against me, ill push your bike over....
C'mon.... For Kurt. Your buddy Kurt. The guy with a broomstick for a left leg? ;D

But, hey, $5 is better than nothing. [thumbsup]
DanTheMan said:
here's my bid...

$5 Pizza Antica in San Jose

if anyone bids against me, ill push your bike over....
$10, just to bother Dan.
Someguy said:
$10, just to bother Dan.
Bike tip count 1

saw you guys spliting through traffic last night, good thing i saw you cause there is no way i could have heard you with those stock pipes!

$25 on Zooni
$30.00 on Heli Bars.....

I am in for $100 for the Pizza Antica gift cert.
I am in for $100 for the Pizza Antica gift cert.
You're gonna pay $100 for a $25 gift certificate towards pizza? :eek: You sure about that? Cuz if you just want to screw with the knuckleheads (i.e. Dan and Someguy,) I'm all for it...but I just want to make sure it isn't a typo. :)

(Funny story actually....when I was receiving money for Kurt several months ago, a woman gave me a check for well...I'm not sure how much. She wrote the numbers, "999.00" but she wrote out in long hand something like ninety-nine, eleventy billion--seriously." I had to call her up to make sure she knew what she was writing, because technically, the bank is supposed to go by the long-hand number." Fortunately it worked out OK--for her. Kurt might have had ninety-nine and eleventy billion dollars had I not said anything. [cheeky])
The proceeds go to Crowbar right? If so I am in.. hey its Christmas.
Well, then.... Merry Christmas to you, too! [thumbsup]
i got your merry christmas right here....

bike tip count: 2

seriously though [thumbsup]
I'll give you and Someguy each a six-pack for being good sports, Dan. :)

And since this thread has generated so much interest and a fair amount of money (thank you)...I'd be willing to close the auction early if that's OK with you guys. How 'bout I keep it going through the weekend? Santa comes early... :)
I'll announce the "weiners" at the end of the weekend and will provide y'all with Kurt's PayPal address directly. We'll just avoid the middleman. I'll get addresses for you folks and will have these in the mail at the beginning of the week. [thumbsup]
<drum roll>

The winners of the raffle are:

Monkey vs. Robot-- $25 for a $100 Zooni gift certificate

Bad Dog-- $30.00 for the $100 Heli Bars gift certificate


CADUCMAN-- $100 for the $25 Pizza Antica gift certificate

Thank you guys and gal! Kurt was shocked that we were still pulling for him... [thumbsup]

I'll P.M. each one of you individually to get your mailing addresses so that I can send the certificates to you. I'll also give you Kurt's PayPal address. You're on the honor system with this. :angel:
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