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Jonesing to ride

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Ok now that bike season is coming to a close what do people do in the winter to make the time go by. I am going to try to make tons of cash so i can start taking the spring summer and fall off, so I can ride/not work spring summer and fall. Also thought about picking up a snowboard and heading to the mountains a couple of weekends out of the year.

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Even tho I still ride through the winter, I am restoring the Laverda this winter, as well as my bmw 325i.

I am hoping I get to head north for some snowboarding this year, at least more than last year...

I got a new full Telemark setup last spring. Got to use it twice.

I hope to do a lot of Tele skiing. Problem is, we need snow for that :p
we'll have to make a NEMHA ski/snowboard trip.

Nice to see another Freeheeler. If you ever head up towards Killington let me know , we can make some turns.
Most of my skiing will be taking my kids out and they're early intermediates.

But I certainly hope to get at least a couple of more hardcore days on the slopes (or off piste).

I have bad history with Killington. Been rained on a lot there :( Had a great spring day there once though (except that a vodka martini hangover was pounding my head most of the day)

Are you on telemark-tips as "Crash!" ?
Yep. I figure, why confuse myself with two screen names?

And the name sorta means something on both forums (even though it came from something else entirely).

What's your name on TTForum?
My jonez hath been satisfied today. Thank the duc gods once again.

It's like hitting the reset button, then you are good for a couple more days.

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