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joining the ranks!

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last night was the first chance i got to take out my first monster! rode about 40 miles with a ear to ear grin the whole time, not believing what i was riding on.

still working on the break-in process but its so tempting to just give it a little go once in a while. i wish i could have put on more miles, but this lovely new england weather never cooperates :(
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... just the first signs of ducati monster riding addiction... when you get the full blown condition, you'll be throwing lots of $$$ into your motorcycle, staying up at the wee hours of the night posting messages on the DML, and sneaking out of work to go riding during your 15 min. breaks.
i would be riding right now instead of being on the internet during my lunch break but its not so nice out today, again!

can anyone recomend some good rain gear? ;)
Maybe if you ride REALLY fast, the rain wont hit you. Go to the gear section of the forum and post your question there. I am more than willing to bet you will get some good info. I personally dont use rain gear. I use that excuse as my shower for the month. ;)
You are fortunate to have found DML so early in your adventure. Lots of good info here! Check out the break-in posts. You may or may not have to wait to test it out! The decision is up to you. http://www.mototuneusa.com/break_in_secrets.htm

BTW, I got in 100 miles my first night! ;D
Has anybody done the MotoTune break-in with their monster? I was seriously condisering this when i was about to buy a CBR 600RR ... If i get a new monster instead of a used one i might break it in this way.
awesome welcome, everyone. ill be sure to head over to the gear section. maybe i can squeeze in a ride before it rains tonight. . .
You better get a fairing, clip-ons, and high mount FBF exhausts if you want to ride real fast. Oops, so it begins... ::)
... don't forget that DP chip, modified airbox. you may have to rip off the tail too (weight reduction), as well as the turn signals (who needs 'em when you're riding fast?)... not to mention get a vented clutch cover for weight reduction and increased sounds out of the engine to hear the clutch working well, and racing rear-sets to get you in that tucked position of breaking the 140 mph mark. which reminds me, gotta get those carbon fiber wheels and tank! even more weight reduction. oh - get to the gym and get on a weight-reduction plan.

a set of racing leathers would be nice as well.

Congrats and welcome. [thumbsup]
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