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Has anybody seen/tried on the new Jarow Mono X2 flip up helmet? Jarow (previously named Arrow) is an italian helmet company. My local shop had one of the helmets on display - it looks pretty cool and seems to have a nice flip up assembly with a COOL drop down tinted sun-visor much like the Schuberth concept has. It seems to run big and my shop only has one in stock. Has anybody tried this helmet?
I've been looking at flip ups for awhile and this one seems to be a good combo of price/quality.
It probably has somewhat similar technology from the old arrow mono convertible helmet (flip up).

ps it runs msrp for 299
my shop is selling it for 275

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yeah i saw those websites. the webbikeworld review was pretty informative with some good pics. It has only improved my outlook on this helmet. I found the vendor's website's "rider reviews" to be somewhat comical/not helpful, but hey at least nobody gave it a bad review. :)

I think schuberth's helmet is a little bulbous looking but otherwise cool. But when trying one on the chinbar didn't fit over my chin. So I tried a larger size on -- the chin bar fit, but the rest of the helmet wasn't tight, besides the fact that it made my head look like it had a 2 ft radius.
In fairness I think i have an oddly shaped head which makes fitment a bit tougher.

Unfortunately my local duc dealer only has one Jarow x2 and it is too big. He got the helmet to test the waters and didn't sound too interested in getting some other sizes just so I could try them on and possibly buy one. Oh well.

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i have a concept that usually resides in my closet. 2 negatives - when i wear it, i feel like the boy in the bubble. it is round and huge. the other is i feel much safer in my full face. the positive is i love the drop down sun visor.

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yeah, i felt like one of the peanuts gang with the concept on my noggin...

one nice feature on the concept that i believe i'd appreciate is the removable liner... didn't see that on jarow. but for the price the jarow looks pretty good. i think a flip lid would be good for a touring ride.

one gripe about the arai lids is that the chin bar basically covers up your face from the nose down and makes talking to other folks a pita.
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