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Its Official

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I now own a home in Temecula, so you bastidges will have to put up with me now. The official move date is Nov 15
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Scott it was a few factors, but mostly affordability, I got a job offer there and its not in LA
Well they have plenty of car dealerships in Temecula so getting one was easy.
And I have missed them Desmoboy. I used to ride them in the 80s when I was at Camp Pendleton, but then again I had my 80 CB750F then.
Ive kinda been lookin at the WSMC Rule book abit. It seems to fit in a couple of classes there. Maybe in Sportmsman in CCS. We'll have to investigate it abit more.

Oh and dont worry about Retro, he hasnt had his Geritol lately. I might also remind him its a long wallk to Malibu from Temecula. He did mention he's relocating there didnt he? ;D
108, don't bother getting a (gag :-X) SV650.
David said you could use his 620 for track days any time you wanted. He's such a giver.;D

Ducman, you pullin' my webbed foot? Retro's relocating to Malibu?
Heck no, he's relying on me to move his crap ;D SOmething about me having a truck big enough ;)
1 - 6 of 17 Posts
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