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It reads good 'cause its free

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I don't know if anyone else has signed up for this... but unexpectedly got some sweet yamaha racing propaganda in the mail. I signed up for yamaha insider. ( http://www.yamaha-racing.com/Racing/ ) and I guess I ticked off to send me their bi-annual magazine. I would guess if you signed up now they would still send you the issue.

Mag is awesome. About half as thick as the standard bike mags but glossy and less ads. It covers MotoGp, WSB, off roaders, etc.

Had all these great articles, glossy close-up photos of their moto gp parts, interview w/ all their racers, the build up specs & photo's of Rossi and Haga's full on super-moto. Rossi gives his opinions and criticisms of other riders...Hayden, Checa, and Edwards and gives some back handed compliments and some stone cold rips... which I though was surpised for a yamaha mag considering they his teamates. I'll try and post at least the Rossi section of the article later.
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From "Keeping an eye on...." by Enrico Borghi

Valentino Explains

Nicky Hayden was your teamate in 2003. What's your opinion on his ablity to set up a bike, his race strategy and his riding style?

He's no reference in setting up, because he can adjust himself to the bike even if its not completely ok. This is because he comes from superbike, and he he used to riding bikes swing a bit. So he's never really worked deep on the setup and thus he's not so experienced. As far as riding technique is concerned his best feature is bike control when its spinning. HAving done dirt track in the past, he's good at controlling the bike while sliding accross the track. As for mental strength, he looks like one who can concentrate easily, plus he's tough and brave. Concerning his ablity to pass, I haven't seen him doing a lot this far, so its hard to judge. His race strategy is not bad, if the guy ahead speeds up he's able to change his pace, and that's good.

Carlos Checa is back on a Yamaha this yr. and he was your first teammate when you came to the yamaha team...

He always used strange methods in the setup, maybe because his riding style is a bit strangeas well: quite clean, not very good at braking though. Rarely pushes to the limit, so his bike is a bit different from the others. He rides really accurate race lines, but his braking could be better. Mentally he his not so strong. This is his weak spot in a way: he can get nervous before a race and his performance is not as good as it should be. As for his ability to pass, I have to say he is not a master at this, because his limits when braking.
Race Strategy: he's a guy who can ride ahead of the others, he tries to set his own pace and if he's all right he succeeds. Like all those with a clean style, if he's allowed to ride his own lines he becomes very fast and consistant, but if someone bothers him he may get in trouble.
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In 2005 you asked Colin Edwards to become your teammate at Yamaha. What did you see in Colin that made you request him?

Colin is a good test rider because he can spot the sensations the bike gives him, and instruct the engineers correctly. I saw this with both Yamaha engineers and with Michelin's. He's great, then. Being American, he rides 'dirty'. He's good at braking and keeping control when the bike spins. He got these skills from his superbike experience. His problem is consistancy. This is an issue he ought to work at. On a good day just like in Turkey he stays ahead, he's not afraid of the others, and he's brave and agressive. He's done many good passes. He even passed me, once, in Laguna Seca as well. Colin as opposed to Hayden, like to be ahead. So he triesto set the pace, and this way is more difficult than just following another guy.

What about your main contenter in the last two season, Sete Gibernau?

His bikes are always quite well set up, and this means he;s good at it. Watching his riding style, you can tell he practiced at dirt tracks a lot. As a matter of fact he spent a long time in the US at Roberts', who's got a track where you can practice. He's actually taken advantege of four stroke bikes, when you can ride while spinning and he's good at this. He's got a quite physical style though, and just like in real life: he's presumptuous. So, as soon as you start giving him a hard time, he gets in trouble. He's very tough, this is his strong area. He's not the one to back off, and in fact, he's done many fine passes. As for race strategies, he hasn't got many. Usually he wants to start ahead and stay in first position, keeping a fast pace. It's not easy to ride like that, and if you bother him he gets a little stressed.
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i wish he would give a paragraph about every rider =)
Marco Melandri is a guy you've known since you were a kid. What do you think about him now, as a professional rider?

He does always get to the point, he fixates on details, even if unimportant. He doesn't set priorities well enough. He can 'feel' the bike, but sometimes gets stuck. He goes into the corner very fast and turns fast throughout. He rides clean and keeps control when spinning. He's great at late braking. When in good shape he's really tough, but he's not so constant during the whole season. He's very good at passing and he can succeed anytime becuase he can slip through from any side. He's constantly agressive, always fighting, so he's hard to beat.

Colin explains

Valentino Rossi is an amazing rider. What do you think makes him such an exceptional racer?

He knows what he wants, how his bike should be, and he always works straight to the point. He's very clever and knowledgeable. Actually, we work in similar ways, and at the end of the last season I could have used his settings for my M1. As for riding style, he hasn't got just one, but many, all different. He can adjust himself to whats going on, he's great at managing tire wear, and the race pace. He's won with all kinds of bikes and he's put his 125, 250, and 500 experience to good use. Everybody out there knows Valentino has more. He's won seven world championships and he's never spent a year losing! You look at other riders, we've all spent one or two years struggling to make something work, he never had to. Concerning his ability to pass, Valentino is unbelievable. I've been behind him a few times on the first lap and saw him pass two or three guys at once while I was thinking "no way he's gonna make it....". He always keeps his cool and calm, he's really good at finding the strengths and weaknesses of his competitors, especially his followers, and he always uses what he's learnt at the first possible occasion.

.....Thats all I can transcribe for now.
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Nice! thanks man! [thumbsup]
Thanks for the link and typing in those stories. Great stuff!
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