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Is there any members here that live in the UK??

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I was\wondering if there was any riders/members here from the UK? I need this particular DAINESE jacket that I have been searching for for almost 3yrs and there is one for sale on Ebay UK, but he only sells to UK buyers. I had this exact one and the hospital "misplaced" :mad: my jacket after an accident I had. Someone please help!
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I have a friend doing her Masters in UK....also, my Brother is retired and resides in Germany. Will the seller ship to Germany?

I will def check. thanks BD [thumbsup]
update: the seller contacted me and at the moment he's working with me. If it get's too complicated, I think he's bailing.
he's going to contact me later.( It's morning over there right now.)
thanks for all your help BD.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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