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Is there a choke / fast idle on the '07 models?

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I did a search on this already, but was confused by what some people were saying.

I have an 07 S4RT. It starts fine, but takes a long time to warm up. Doesn't seem to ide any faster initially.

Also, is there an external idle adjustment anywhere?

Thanks in advance!
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Not that I am aware and not that my dealer has mentioned to me.

The new S4Rs/S4R don't have a fast idle/choke lever or any externally accessible adjustment. Since the Testastretta and 1000DS, I don't think it's really a choke- it's simply a throttle advancer.

It does take a while to warm (i.e., for the flashing LO to dissappear). I just start up and let her warm up while I take my time putting my gear on...
Don't think so. IT seems the fast idle lever has gone bye-bye. One of the other local monster folks just picked up a brand new 1k and it's fast idle lever was no where in evidence.
nope. no fast idle lever.

i think the computer takes control of such things on the newer bikes, so it just sort of sits there and fast-idles like a car till it feels content with itself.
Is it just those models? I have one on my 695. Lever right next to the left grip.
To amend my post:

The 620/695 and S2R 800 have fast idle levers. As does the 749 and pre-deep sump Testastretta 999s.

I think current 1000DS and deep-sump Testastrettas no longer have fast idle lever.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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