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Iron Butt=Dearth of Monsters.Time to change!

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Any of you guys ever gone to the Iron Butt association page and looked at all the finishers?

I counted 3,yes THAREE finishers on Ducati Monsters. :mad:

I counted only 8 other Ducati's,all ST2's and ST4's.

Nothing but Honda's and Bimmers with a sprinkling of Guzzi's and the occaisional Kawi and Suzi's.


We have no excuse!

1,000 miles in 24 hours....that's it!

I got the wife all wound up about it,and she's game.
Picking up a Map program tomorrow to start plotting a course.

Anybody else ever had the urge?
Ever tried?

Took a long trip last summer Michigan to Raid City South Dakota/Sturgis.
We took our time(Saw all the three headed snakes) and still managed 600 miles a day on each leg.

Anybody up for it besides me?

Keep safe all!
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I've looked at the Iron Butt page recently, too. After thinking about reality based options, I'm coming to the conclusion that:

1) I would like to tour on the Monster - but not high mile days and only on back country highways and byways. After hauling it up to the twisties in July I figured out I can ride it for a long long time on entertaining roads. But long straight flat roads get old on it pretty quickly.

2) I would also really like to take some serious trips sometime that would involve higher mileages and more days. But not on the Monster. Would have to get a real touring bike.

BMW? Maybe. Goldwing? Too big for me to get enthusiastic (although the black ones seem smaller). ST1100? maybe a good choice. Harley? One of these days I plan to rent one for a day just to see what they are like.

Mark J
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