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Iron Butt=Dearth of Monsters.Time to change!

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Any of you guys ever gone to the Iron Butt association page and looked at all the finishers?

I counted 3,yes THAREE finishers on Ducati Monsters. :mad:

I counted only 8 other Ducati's,all ST2's and ST4's.

Nothing but Honda's and Bimmers with a sprinkling of Guzzi's and the occaisional Kawi and Suzi's.


We have no excuse!

1,000 miles in 24 hours....that's it!

I got the wife all wound up about it,and she's game.
Picking up a Map program tomorrow to start plotting a course.

Anybody else ever had the urge?
Ever tried?

Took a long trip last summer Michigan to Raid City South Dakota/Sturgis.
We took our time(Saw all the three headed snakes) and still managed 600 miles a day on each leg.

Anybody up for it besides me?

Keep safe all!
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Actualy, Rachel's M800D was pretty much stock.. She carried a bag on a Ventura rack system on the back but NO extra gas tank ?! She also runs a National Cycle windscreen and a modified (lower) seat...also a heated vest and gloves for the cold times. She completed around 9000 miles in 11 days. She put 6000 miles on her monster before she started the event..she had NO maintenance issues on the trip. We also take care of her M750D that now has 61,000 on it and hasn't had a valve out of adjustment for over 40,000 miles !
We are scheduled to do her 12K ( a bit late) and I will report back if there were any valve clearance adjustments made...
Dave R
Ducati Seattle
1 - 1 of 20 Posts
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