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Iron Butt=Dearth of Monsters.Time to change!

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Any of you guys ever gone to the Iron Butt association page and looked at all the finishers?

I counted 3,yes THAREE finishers on Ducati Monsters. :mad:

I counted only 8 other Ducati's,all ST2's and ST4's.

Nothing but Honda's and Bimmers with a sprinkling of Guzzi's and the occaisional Kawi and Suzi's.


We have no excuse!

1,000 miles in 24 hours....that's it!

I got the wife all wound up about it,and she's game.
Picking up a Map program tomorrow to start plotting a course.

Anybody else ever had the urge?
Ever tried?

Took a long trip last summer Michigan to Raid City South Dakota/Sturgis.
We took our time(Saw all the three headed snakes) and still managed 600 miles a day on each leg.

Anybody up for it besides me?

Keep safe all!
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There was only 1 Duc in this years IBR, a MONSTER! 800. This is more than a 1000 in a day thing. It is 11 consecutive days of about 1000 miles each. Some of this year's top riders did around 13000. In addition to the miles, points are awarded for more challenging routes. Some of those routes pound street bikes into pieces. Ever see a wing after a few hundred miles of rutted gravel? ... Not a pretty sight. Mostly Beemers, but they also had the highest per-capita failure rate (way above the HD OR Ducati entries). Mostly stator and bearing failures. You have to qualify to enter by proving yourself in smaller endurance events. The participants typically train year round and have bikes that are specially prepped for endurance riding. For example, the Monster in this year's event had an auxillary 8 gallon fuel cell onstead of a back seat, custom seat, tall windshield, and some big-a$$ed driving lights. Tire changes would not be difficult, but I wonder how she got valve adjustments during the 10K.

Three bikes given no real chance of winning or even finishing. The lone Buell, the M800 and one veteran IBR madman on a Ninja 250 he used just to stir things up. All had respectable finishes. The Ninja used good strategy for a top 10 finish. The Buell also had a top 10 and, at the awards ceremony, was teased about the reliability of Buells. Replied with a question of the percentage of Buell entries that finished (all 1 of him or 100%) vs. the % of BMWs. The Duc finished second among female riders, behind the lovely Miss Vicky from the SENS list.

I also have been fascinated with this event. The challenge of the event and fantasy of a ride like this are appealing. BUT... the reality would be much different. It's really dangerous (lots of crashes with several competitors hospitalized), it would waste your bike, and mostly, it's not fun. It's endurance. It's riding on the highway to rack up miles and riding impossible conditions for extra point if you want to win. This year during the week of the IBR, I took a lovely 2000 mile ride up the Blue Ridge Parkway and the Shanendoah Valley over 4 days of riding. Got to see the sights, stop for things of interest (like America's oldest Brewery...Yeungling's in PA) and had a lovely time. Did not destroy myself or my equipment. I like my style of riding better. I have huge respect for the athletes who compete in the IBR (or extreem motocross), but it's not for me.

Next year, I hope to be rooting for a team of Monster riding madmen (and madchicks). Glad to provide support for any SC legs. I'll pass on the ride myself though.

One step closer to old age. I bought a sheepskin seatcover after the first 900 miles :-[
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Actualy, Rachel's M800D was pretty much stock..
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