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I'm a former Harley rider (Sportster) and I am currently researching Ducati ownership. I'm leaning toward a 2003+ Monster, probably 800+ CC.

I will post this question in the General forum once my profile is activated, but perhaps a reader will post some links / info in the meantime. Unfortunately, one of my limitations will be fitting the bike into my single car garage along with the car. The current condo association rules at my home do not allow bikes to be stored outside. My question is regarding the external dimensions of the 800+ bikes -- particularly the OE handlebar dimensions from outside to outside, height of handlebars to ground, and the length of bike from end to end (front of front wheel to rear of rear wheel). I couldn't find this info in the stickies or in the FAQs, but I'm sure it is posted somewhere on the site! Are the external dimensions of all Monsters roughly equivalent regardless of trim / engine?

Thanks in advance and looking forward to learning...

Northampton, MA
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