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I am in the process of purchasing a 2002 ducati 620ie dark with 500 miles and I figured I had to get insurance for it. I figured it cost about 500 a year tops. I got a quote of 1100 a year for the bike with the lowest coverage and the highest deductable.

Does anyone have a good insurance provider they use? I was kinda shocked at the 1100 price for bike insurance. I have two cars a 2003 and a 1998 and intotal my insurance is 1600 a year for them.

Mike Sab
New Jersey
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i'm in nj and my insurance with foremost insurance is ~$600/year for an 02 m620. that's for full coverage, higher liability limits and msf, experienced rider, and renewal discounts.

another option would be www.njrider.com

my car insurance is somewhere in the $2k range. :(

good luck.

foremost is roughly $200 cheaper per year for me than rider.
if you're in the bergen county area, i can refer you to my insurance agent - he seems to be okay, but i've never had to deal with him other than the initial sign-up.
1 - 2 of 14 Posts
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