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Insurance question

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  OK, I wrecked my bike a while back and have been waiting for the dumbest insurance guy on the planet of earth to check out my bike. I made a list of everything that was wrong on the bike because i am five hours from home and check it with him. So he finally looks at it and then proceeds to send me a quote. I look it over and he forgot about 20% of the things that are wrong with it and doesn't give me enough money for others. Then I try calling him. He is never by his phone, doesn't have an email, and can't seem to return his calls. Yesterday i received a check for about $800 to little, counting the deductible. They wrote the check to me for a dealership in Minneapolis, which is four hours away from where i live (costs more money). So what I was wondering is will they let me fix the bike or do i HAVE to let the dealership do the work? Considering it will cost a lot less and be less of a hassle.
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I would say that if the check is in your name, you can cash it and fix the bike yourself.
I don't know about your neck of the woods, but in NY you can bring it to the shop of your choice Which can be yourself. You can also reject their offer and try for more. If there is a government agency that monitors insurance companies where you are contact them. Do not cash or deposit the check until you find out what recourse you have since cashing the check might be considered accepting a settlement. Also speak to some moto dealers where you live. They should be knowledgeable about dealing with insurance companies. Good luck!
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