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I apologize ahead of time for not doing my homework but I'm coming close to closing a trade but I need some more information before I go through with it.

Looking at a 2000 Monster 900 Dark... I would be a first time Ducati owner but I need to know everything about it.

What is maintenance like?

What is the ride like? What about 2-up riding?

Should I get a newer water cooled model instead?

What are some of the nuances or quirks of owning a Ducati?

What is the bike like? I have read reviews online but would like some real feedback, preferably by people who have owned '03 to present air cooled Buells.

Does the bike have ANY creature comforts? (Cigerette lighter socket, any extra guages other than speed, RPM, neutral, high-beam, Service engine)?

What should I look for? Any common issues with that year/model? (leaky seals, bad bearings, drivetrain issues, sub-frame issues?

Just looking for someone extremely knowledgeable of the model to go to town and spew as much applicable info as they can. Don't need the Spec's or anything just honest to goodness truth!
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