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IMS Chicago Show

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Anyone planning on going? Mark yer calendars now!

The show dates are Feb 9-11, 2007, and several of us Northern Hooligans are going to be there on the 10th (Saturday). The tentative plan is to meet up after the show at the Ohare Hooters, just off I-90:


probably around 5:00pm local time.

We could meet at the show, say at the Ducati display, around 11:00?
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Mario mentioned that you two were planning to go. It sounds like a good time... I plan to check it out as well [thumbsup]
I'll go!
Lets met up with the MOCHA guys [thumbsup]
I'll be there for sure. I started a Mocha thread to see who else is coming.
I always went when I lived up there, and I don't plan on stopping !
I'm in! Man this is getting exciting! Indiana group linkage! Yes! 8)
No Monster Challenge this year? (I've seen nothing on it... yet)

Last years show was nice.
OK let's make some plans.
Troy what time are you picking me up ? Bryan where do you want to meet? And what should I tell Prince Ruben for a rendezvous point?
What time are you guys gonna be at the show? I'm planning on being there Saturday afternoon.
c5367 said:
What time are you guys gonna be at the show? I'm planning on being there Saturday afternoon.
Not sure what time we are leaving yet, but we should be there most of the day.
I'm trying to set up a time and place to get everyone together. (MOCHA/HHs)
Well, got home this morning at 4:35am Indiana time!! :p Had a great time at the show, and meeting everyone: Jeff, Arturo, Libby, Rick (you rock!), Greg, Ruben, Ruben's wife (sorry, I can't remember your name), Steve, Bob, Rob, Abby, Heather, and everyone else who was there. Here's a quick rundown:

Ducati 1098: Wow. More compact in person. Nicely shaped tank for cornering support. Roomy behind the windshield. Seat is a bit lower than my 996, but legroom seems about the same? Here's Mario starting to drool on the paint:

Ducati 996RS: A nice touch, with the launch of the 916-inspired 1098... if you look closely, you'll notice MY drool on the tank:

Ducati 999S: The red-headed stepchild. Did overhear several people commenting how they prefer it over the 1098, but apparently they aren't buyers ;D That's Mike trying to find the NOS button:

Ducati Hypermotard: Love it, but <3 gal of fuel capacity?

Ducati/NCR New Blue: Fave of the show, pure eye candy, 319lb, 116hp DS motor, beyond-trick everything. Love to have for a track day machine. That's Bryan mocking me in the background:

Ducati's enclosed booth: Giant thumbs down!! It was a sauna in there, and unbelievably crowded. People were constantly bumping into bikes, knocking over signs, kicking people whilst mounting/dismounting, etc. Mad

Aprilia RXV: Very impressed, sits/stands well, plugs/filter easy to access, narrow engine case, a little bit heavy, exhaust tailpipe right where bike will get lifted over trees, rocks, etc (!), heavy cable clutch will get tiring in hare scrambles/enduros.

Aprilia Scooter: Way cool manhood-enhancement device - Wheelies R Us ;)

Buell Uly: Not bad at all, similar heft to the Multi, quite comfy (a bit more upright than I like - a problem easily remedied), nice quality and finish, factory accessory GPS mounted to right grip - uhhh, hello, how you gonna work it??

Cagiva Mito 500: Hooooboy, this thing could fill the void left by the Priller 250 as the lightweight killer track weapon! It got 5X the attention of the MV F4 1000S parked right next to it!

BMW GS1200: A bike I STILL don't get after a decade of trying; big, top heavy, wide, way tall, and damn expensive. Felt like you'd be riding a baby grand piano around, and even with my 33 inch inseam, I could just barely get the balls of my feet down. ???

BMW HP2: This thing was beyond awful: heavy, top heavy, a mile high (I couldn't tiptoe the thing), terrible seat, and nosebleed $$$$ ??? ???

BMW 650X: Are BMW engineers all 6'-6"? Holy Hightower Batman! ??? ??? ???

BMW Boxer Cup Bike: Mmmmm.... yummy.

MV Agusta Brutale 910: Delicious to look at, aggressive, awful seat, looks to be really hard to service, but still beautiful & true to the name.

Yamaha M1: BIG Kudos to Yamaha for being the ONLY MotoGP manufacturer to display their bike! [thumbsup] [thumbsup] Man, what I'd give to be able to spend 20 laps on that thing!!!!

Yamaha R6: This bike just seems to get better and more distinctive with every generation, they've finally started moving the rider's feet more rearward, a tidy package.

General ranting: KTM still won't attend, Guzzi didn't bring a MGS-01 (for the third time), none of the newer Aprilia models or RSV250, no Desmosedici MotoGP or RR, no RC211V, no GSV-R, no ZX-RR, hectacres of cruisers & cruiser crap, fake tattoo shirts (just when I thought the whole faux American "bada**" cruiser/chopper herd couldn't get any more lame, pathetic and phony), one concept bike in the entire show (Cagiva Mito 500), lots of numb-nuts stunters/videos/leds, no vendors of actual performance-enhancing parts (Ohlins, Brembo, Marchesini, etc) or unique parts (Roof helmets, for example).

About what I expected, and sucks some serious hiney compared to the content of the Euro shows. But not an entirely bad way to spend a Saturday with a high temp of 12F. Just wish you could see more than you can see for free at any bike dealer any time of year.
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Hey guys, we had a great time as well! It was really good to meet you all. Sorry we couldn't make it to the party, but we should definitely go for a ride when it warms up around here. Next time, we'll hang out in the city - forget the 'burbs >:D >:D
Sweet pics! ;D Wish I could have made it.
ducatista_romano said:
Hey guys, we had a great time as well! It was really good to meet you all. Sorry we couldn't make it to the party, but we should definitely go for a ride when it warms up around here. Next time, we'll hang out in the city - forget the 'burbs >:D >:D
Hey Arturo was a pleasure. Hanging downtown sometime this spring/summer sounds real good to me.
Look at Mr. "STD" nice post man sweet review [thumbsup]
My new dream bike


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This one had all the carbon fibre and accessories you can buy installed.
Was a decent show, the best part was meeting some of the MOCHA and DRILL guys. Not to mention the kick ass afterparty at Crazy Rick's crib [thumbsup]


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Great haning with all you guys. All in all I thought he show was pretty good. Grifo that Tricolore is calling you!! Sorry I missed the party sounds like a good time. I cant wait for this spring we will all have to lnk up on the bikes and hit downtown. Also gotta do a roadtrip to Bloomington, IN (May is a great time of year in that part of IN) Perhaps Grifo will rapel off the stadium for us [thumbsup]

Geoff aka Billybob
If there is any rapelling to be done, put me down for a turn! That's a blast
Just dont let Grifo belay you
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