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Has anyone else had problems with the Immobilizer system? I have just bought a 620 dark monster first of this month new with 3 miles on it, had no issues till the last Week(or last four times i have tried to start the bike) Problem is the key isnt sending the code or the computer isnt reciveing it from my key or somthing. it will run its normal cycle then the Engine light stays on and the orange light blinks twice then stays on. Manual described it exactly in the "Immobilizer system" section of the owners manual. But anyhow asked the dealership they said they hadnt had anybody come back to them yet with problems, but will look into it. I just took it in today for the 600 mile service, so hopefully tommarrow i shall have more info from them. But was looking here for anyother tips or info on this system. . .

and sorry for the long post with probably not enough of the right info and to much of this blab.

~Salem Monster 620
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