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Some of you may or may not know (most likely not) that I ride for Freebord, which is a skateboard that rides and slides like a snowboard (check out www.freebord.com). Well they had a worldwide contest for the best video of the year (under two minutes) and I ended up in the top 3! Me and someone from the video get flown to San Fran where the winner will be announced! I am SOOOOOO stoked!
The hills are soo good there, plus I have never been out of the country or on a plane or seen snow, so its going to be insane!!

Here's my vid if you're interested.

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howley, that's a very cool vid! good work and congrats on winning the trip [clap]

you need to get the heads up from bigiain on where to go and who to tell you're coming.... you will more than likely find someone to loan you a bike and go riding with you in the twisties!

The DML is huge in the bay area, after all that's where is was born (is that right big?).....

You will find many many monster owners there, and no doubt make quite a few friends!
Haha well I'd be stoked if someone could lend me a bike! I won't get my hopes up though. I'm definately looking forward to it, should be a killer trip.
Well done mate.

You'll love SF. It's a great city and the hills are fantastic.

The locals are tops too ! [thumbsup] One of them, that a few of the Sydney DMLers have met is a friend of ours known as Joe. I'm heading over there this Friday and will be catching up with him.

Be sure to put a message up in the Ducati MOB forum under local clubs, the guys will be sure to help you out. I did and got offers of lending a bike to me from a few DMLers there. [clap] [clap]
congratulations... goodonya mate! whats the major prize? how long are ya there for?
Congratulations! If you can ride one of those, you should be stunting on your Monster!

You going to be free boarding on some of those SF streets now? When are you off?

Great video. What did the cops have to say (that was you getting pulled over by the police, wasn't it?)
Luke, thats awesome mate!! [clap] [thumbsup] 8)


the video looks trick. well done.
good luck for the grand final! [thumbsup]

.........and dont forget to put some flowers in your hair [cheeky]
Na i didn't get pulled over. I have done but not in my video. The major prize is a mystery to me, but d**n i'm happy with a trip to San Fran! Its going to be soo good, absolutely cannot wait. Hoping to leave between the 1st and 7th of Jan. The awards night is on the 13th, I wanna stay for ages, go see my mate in canada too. I'll definately hit up the MOB forum when I know my dates, it would be sweet to meet some riders over there.
Thanks for the comments too, glad you liked the vid.

ps. Joe I dunno about the flowers, I'll see what happens tho. ;)
Howley -

When is your trip? Just let us know on the MOB board and we'll show you a grand old time. And yeah, there may be a bike (maybe even a Ducati) available for loan.

FYI, I'm a Freebord owner...it's sitting in my garage. I can show you some of the best hills to ride and maybe you can show me how to ride that damn thing. There are some great skateparks here too, if you're into the more traditional skateboard thing.

You own a freebord? Thats awesome! I'm gonna have all the freebord guys showing me hills over there, but if you know some hills they don't know about I'm always keen to know! I'd definately be up for borrowing a bike/duc though (who wouldn't be!).
Maybe you can come along to a freebord ride, you'll have me and about 5 other pro riders to show you how to ride it, certainly lots of fun and you're in the best city in the world for it!
The guys are always up for helping out riders. Drop in to the Warehouse at 455 Irwin St. Unit #104, talk to Jessica, tell her Luke from Australia sent you and you wanna learn to ride the damn thing!

See you over there!

Be sure to wear a flower in your hair. And look out for "friendly" guys.

Seriously, Cool vid matey, have a hoot man.
Oh i'm with you with the flower thing now. Yeah i might pass on that!
Wow! Awesome vid! Good luck in SF.
FARK!!! How many more of you guys are going overseas?

My offer is still up for being your baggage boy (its my only way I'll get overseas somewhere) and congrats on getting third, life's like a box of chocolates, (apparently).

I might get first! Winner is announced over there!

whos the band and whats the tune??
The song is 'tila' by Gabro & Irankly Irrational, modified by me to get it to 2 minutes. Check out www.gabroandfrank.net

Thanks for the comments guys.
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